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Help for HTTP error 405: “Method Not Allowed”

This HTTP error occurs when the server does not support the type of request (e.g. GET or POST) that was made for a particular object.

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Internet Explorer may report this as “The website cannot display the page

Microsoft Windows Update reports HTTP 405 errors with error code 0x8024401A (hexadecimal 8024401A).

Apache web servers report this as follows (text in blue may vary):

Method Not Allowed

The requested method GET is not allowed for the URL /index.html.

IIS web servers may report this error as “405.0 - Method not allowed”, “invalid verb”1 or “Resource not allowed”2

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For example, this error may occur if you try to POST information to a static page.

Official description

What you can do about it

The HTTP specification [RFC 2616] states that:
“The response MUST include an Allow header containing a list of valid methods for the requested resource.”
So if you view the HTTP headers that are returned from the server, then you should be able to determine which methods the server Allows. If you believe that a different method of access should be available, then you should contact the website administrator.

Extra information

HTTP 405 errors relate to particular objects on a web site, whereas HTTP 501 errors occur when a method is not allowed throughout a site.

Microsoft Knowledge Base article 942051: “Error message when a user visits a Web site that is hosted on a server that is running Internet Information Services 7.0: “HTTP Error 405.0 - Method not allowed”


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2 Microsoft Knowledge Base article 216493

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