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Help for Internet Explorer “Cannot find server”: “The page cannot be displayed” errors

This error occurs with Internet Explorer version 6, and ends with the statement “Cannot find server or DNS error”. To troubleshoot this problem, follow the instructions for the equivalent “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” error that occurs in newer versions of Internet Explorer.

The External links section below points to some further areas of investigation.

Note that “The page cannot be displayed” can appear in the heading of several IEv6 errors. You should check the title bar at the top of the window to determine which Internet Explorer error you have.


Cannot find server: The page cannot be displayed

Figure: “Cannot find server”: “The page cannot be displayed” error message1

External links

This error can occur because of an inappropriate proxy configuration.

Microsoft Knowledge Base articles (these tend to be dated because this error is specific to the old IEv6):


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Updated 14 June 2012

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